Rivers Edge Homeowners Association

Snow Removal

Snow removal is done when snow fall has exceeded 1 inch. Vehicles must be moved off of the roadway to allow for curb to curb clearing. If you live near one of the mailboxes or fire hydrants in the neighborhood, please take time to remove the snow around them.

Garbage Collection

Currently, there are 3-4 different waste collection companies who come through the neighborhood each week. One of the objectives of negotiating with Waste Management (see below) is to reduce the amount of large vehicle traffic. There are a number of benefits to having a single hauler. Most importantly, safety for the numerous children who are outside especially during the summer time. Note that Waste Management arrives on Monday mornings around 6:30am and is out of the neighborhood before many of us leave for work or even wake up. Secondly, we can limit the number of heavy vehicles using the streets (which the association must maintain). 

Association Discounts

Waste Management

If you live in Rivers Edge, you will be able to obtain a discount on your waste pickup. New customers receive two months of free service. Contact Waste Management to sign up or for more information.

New Frontier Lawn Care

Contact New Frontier at 952-892-7113 to sign up or for more information. Just ask for the River's Edge/Cedarbridge discount.