Rivers Edge Homeowners Association

When are association fees due?

2019 association dues have been set at $600/year. Annual notification will be sent in the first quarter of the year.

Where do I send my monthly association fee?

Association fee payments may be mailed to:
Rivers Edge Homeowners Association
P. O. Box 22517
Eagan, MN 55122-0517

What do association fees pay for?

We are often asked why we have an association. The primary purpose of the Rivers Edge Homeowners
Association is to maintain the common areas. 

Our roads are private roads, and are not maintained by the City of Burnsville. Our dues include reserve funds to offset the costs of road repair, maintenance, and replacement.

Neighborhood Entrance Sign 

Drainage pond
There are two drainage ponds at the end of McCool Court that the associationis responsible to maintain. This is required by the Cities of Burnsville and Eagan (the ponds are legally in Eagan).




Liability Insurance
Because of these common areas, we also carry liability insurance for the association. This costs
approximately $1,000 per year.